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Retired Adults

Please look in our photo gallery for photos of our current and available retired adults.

We sometimes have retired show or breeding cats available for adoption. They cost considerably less than kittens. We are very particular about where these cats go. These cats have been cherished cornerstones in our breeding program and we want them to spend the rest of their years in the lap of luxury, meaning that we want them to be well cared for and spoiled rotten!

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting an Adult Cat Instead of a Kitten

  1. A kitten will only be a kitten for a few months.

  2. What you see is what you get. Personalities are not always apparent in kittens. When you choose an adult cat, you can get the personality you want. Do you want a cat that will be ready to play when you get home? Or would you rather de-stress by coming home and stroking a relaxed cat on your lap? Do you want a cat that will run to the door to greet guests with you? Or do you want a cat that is more reserved and adores only you? With an adult cat there are no surprises. You can have it your way.

  3. Kittens may be "chew-sy". Like people children, kittens put everything in their mouths. When they are teething they may chew your socks, electrical cords, computer cables, corners of books, important papers, etc. Adults have long since put those childish behaviors behind them.

  4. Have you heard that "Curiosity killed the cat"? Inquisitive kittens are much more likely to get into trouble. They are more likely to eat things they shouldn't, fall from high places, and go where they shouldn't such as in a warm dryer. Adult cats have "been there, done that" and do not get themselves into dangerous situations as much as kittens.

  5. Kittens require lots of supervision. You will need to "kitten proof" your home and constantly watch to make sure that your kitten doesn't eat things he shouldn't, get into dangerous places such as a dryer, a refrigerator, etc, or otherwise hurt himself.

  6. High mileage cats run great. An adult cat's immune system is much more developed and has stronger stomach tolerance. A healthy cat may live well into his middle to upper teens, so you'll still have many years together.

  7. Adult cats have much more litter box experience. Kittens may have occasional accidents because, like small children, they play hard and sometimes wait too long to have time to remember where the litter box is. And because everything is a toy to a kitten, you may find a "litter box tootsie roll" under the furniture that your kitten played hockey with!

  8. Kittens are high octane. Kittens are likely to wake up in the night and decide to play with your toes or race from one end of the house to the other. Kittens are more likely to climb your drapes and your legs. A kitten may decide that your computer mouse is a toy, while an adult cat is happy to sit on your lap and let YOU operate the mouse. It's a kitten's job to play nearly every waking moment. An adult cat will play when you want to play.

  9. Older cats for older people. An adult cat is a much more appropriate match for a retired person. An older cat appreciates the value of companionship and is grateful just to be with you. There is less risk of an older cat outliving his senior companion and ending up in a shelter.

  10. You are less likely to come home to a new roll of toilet paper already unrolled for you with an adult cat. Once a kitten discovers and begins the unrolling process, he just can't help himself!

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