Abirwood Birmans


Our girls are usually bred only once a year. Our average litter size this year was four kittens. Our cats are well-outcrossed to help insure health and vigor in the lines.

You may contact us to see if we have kittens available, or you may put your name on a waiting list if we do not have a color or sex that you want. Be prepared to tell us about your experience with cats, about your lifestyle, and about members in your family. We would be happy to advise you about whether or not a Birman is the best choice for your family. In addition, please feel free to ask us for any information about our cats or cattery that you do not find here.

We sell our kittens with a contract that lets you know what you can expect from us as well as what we expect from you as the new owner. We guarantee the health and temperament of our babies. We can provide you with references from people like yourself who have visited our cattery and bought pet kittens from us.

When our kittens go from our hands to yours, they will have been appropriately vaccinated for their age. They may have been spayed or neutered in some cases. We will provide you with CFA registration papers. We will give you a two-page memo for your veterinarian to keep in your kitty's file telling about Birmans in general, how we raise our cats, what vaccines have been administered, and information about your health guarantee. We will also provide you with kitten food that s/he is accustomed to here and bottled water to help transition baby's tummy to your water source. We will provide you with information about toys and other products that we have found useful and that our kitties love.

Our committment is to match happy kittens with doting owners. If, at any time, you have a concern or problem with your new kitten from our cattery, we ask that you contact us. We can usually provide solutions to problems and answers to questions. We want you to be completely happy with your new little one!

We are happy to provide references upon request if you would like to contact people who have acquired kittens from us.

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