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About Birmans

Birmans are thought to have originated in Burma, and were imported into France and England early in this century. Wars have always been devastating to cat populations and Birmans are no exception. By outcrossing a few Birman survivors of World War II with other breeds such as Persians, the Birman breed as we know it today was reestablished.

Birmans are a late maturing breed with a long, stocky body. They are color pointed like Siamese, meaning that the body is light, and color is darker on the face, legs, tail, and ears. Birmans are set apart from other color pointed breeds by their signature white feet which we call "gloves". Birmans always have hypnotic blue eyes, with the intensity varying from cat to cat. Birmans are classified as a long haired cat, however they are not double coated such as Persians.

As a single coated cat, Birmans are much less prone to matting fur, thus requiring much less grooming than other long haired cats. Birmans typically have a very silky texture to the coat which also helps to keep them from becoming matted. Although many Birmans and their owners indulge in daily grooming as a bonding experience, it is not necessary for the care of the coat. Birmans have often been dubbed "The lazy man's long haired cat." The personality of a Birman is gentle and loving. They remain playful even as adults. The Birman is a very people oriented cat and constantly wants to be with its owner. They are good with children.

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