Abirwood Birmans


We are Tom and Julie Gaines. We fell under the spell of Birmans and obtained our first pet Birman in 1989. Our little Mai Tai was such a joy that we decided we would like to raise Birmans and share this irresistable breed. Our foundation queen, Champion Bleustone's Qarolina came to us in 1991. We have raised kittens and shown our cats in CFA cat shows ever since. If you love cats and desire a four-legged companion who is devoted, loving, playful, and adoring, please take this virtual tour of our cattery. If you like what you see, please consider visiting us in person. Currently available cats and kittens are posted in the Photo Gallery.

Member in good standing of:

  • National Birman Fanciers Cat Club
  • Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers Cat Club
  • The Birman Cat Club in the UK
  • The Cat Fanciers Association Birman Breed Council

Our cattery is veterinary inspected and recognized by CFA as a Cattery of Excellence.

Our Goals at Abirwood Cattery
We believe that it is important to maintain goals in our breeding program.

We strive for the following:

  • to protect and preserve this wonderful breed of cat

  • to produce the highest quality of healthy, well socialized companion cats that we can

  • to promote and share this breed so that others can experience how truly special Birman cats are

Abirwood Birmans
Murrayville, IL (30 minutes west of Springfield, IL)
(217) 673-6661

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